We have been making iOS and Android apps and games since the dawn of The Mobile Revolution. Our plugins are the perfect chance to put our expertise to work for you. Avoid the hours of toil dealing with a constant stream of SDK updates and new devices — and the associated gray hair. Leave that to us.

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Proven. Dependable.

prime[31] plugins are used in many games, including several that reached the coveted number one slot in the App Store, Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Battle-hardened, tested and ready for your game to top the charts. Checkout a handful of the games that have prime[31] inside on our showcase page.

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Up To Date.

Technology moves fast, especially mobile. Luckily, so do we. Our plugins are constantly updated as new devices and operating systems are released. We provide a website and an RSS feed so that you know when a plugin is updated the moment it happens.

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Thank you so much, your plugins have saved us so much time on Bladeslinger so far it's just ridiculous. I love that I always know that any one of the plugins I pull off your site will literally just be drop in and go, freaking awesome :)

Matt Benic, Luma Arcade

Thanks @prime_31 for making our lives easier with fantastic plugins.


Integrated @prime_31 Etcetera plugin today, got App Rating and Push Notifications working via @urbanairship. Highly recommend both! #unity3d

Brad Keys @BradKeys

@prime_31 Loving your UIToolkit, works great! I'm also learning a lot from your code, awesome work!

Trond Sausjord @sausjord

@prime_31 Man, Prime31 plugins made our lives so much easier. Cannot use them enough.

Joshua McGrath @DopplerInteract

@prime_31 for making excellent plugins for #unity3d. IAPs up and running in a tiny amount of time.

Iestyn Lloyd @yezzer

We would like to thank @prime_31 for the amazing plugins! :D

Snatchers the Game @snatch_rs

@prime_31 Just tested my first In App Purchase in Unity using your plugin, and it worked first try. Thanks for making things easy.

Chris Ellis @sillechris

A @prime_31 plugin just saved me days of work again. Honestly can't recommend them enough. The Etcetera plugins (iOS/Android) are gold.

Rick Strom @stromdotcom

Devs, if somehow you didn't know, @prime_31 is the man for Unity plugins. Buy them all and save tons of headaches

Bryan Duke @GrouchoDuke

Unlocking upgrades implemented! Thanks to @prime_31's #Unity3D plugins I saved hours of learning native #iOS alerts.

Ecler Studios @eclerstudios

It's hard to emphasize how good the #Unity3d plugins made by @prime_31 are until you've seen how bad some other plugins are

Jay Nakai @JayNakai

@prime_31 thanks for making the Flurry #unity3d plugin so easy to integrate. Had it up and running in minutes, as always

Rejected Games @rejectedgames

Currently adding Google+ leaderboards and achievements to android Diversion - thanks @prime_31 you sure make it easy!!

Simon Edis @ezonecom