• StoreKit (In App Purchasing) $70 iOS and tvOS included

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    What better way to monetize your application than through micro transactions? Integrating StoreKit before this plugin arrived was a daunting task to say the least. This plugin takes all the tedium and complexity out of in app purchasing.

  • Social Networking (Twitter, Facebook and more) $65

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    Let word of mouth sell your game for you with this plugin! Post high score updates and achievements to the 2 biggest social networking sites out there with just a couple lines of code. Post screenshots to either Twitter or Facebook to show off your game. Advanced users can use just about any method from the Facebook Graph API and the Twitter API to get access to a wealth of information. Also included is access to the iOS native tweet sheet and Facebook composer. Now with iOS native account support. Access Facebook, Twitter, SinaWeibo, TencentWeibo and LinkedIn all using the built-in iOS accounts.

  • iCloud Plugin $55 iOS and tvOS included

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    iCloud is the next big thing from Apple allowing seamless data storage in the cloud. As it turns out, this is the perfect way to persist game data as well. Current level, scores, achievements and anything else you can think of will automatically be sent to all the devices a user has. Implementing it could not be easier: swap your calls to PlayerPrefs with our P31Prefs class and let it do it's magic: if iCloud is available it will use it and if it isn't it falls back to standard PlayerPrefs. It couldn't be any easier! Full container support is also included for syncing files.

  • ReplayKit Plugin $35 New iOS 9 feature!

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    ReplayKit provides an easy-to-use framework that lets players record their gameplay - amazing plays, great victories, or solutions to tough challenges - and share video with other players and viewers online. One method starts a recording and another stops it. It couldn't be much easier to use!

  • Etcetera (All the little things) $65

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    Every feature that didn't warrant it's own plugin has a home here! The feature list is huge including: native alerts, localized strings, single and two field customized prompts (great for getting user credentials for use with the Social Networking Plugin), web view, mail composer, SMS composer, programmatic screenshots, native activity views, rate this app popup, photo/camera picker, image resizing, and push notifications (optionally with Urban Airship). There is something in this plugin that will save development time and provide a polished experience for every game!

  • EtceteraTwo (The second coming) $45

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    Continuing where the Etcetera Plugin left off, we're adding more features that don't warrant their own plugins. You and other developers have made requests and we've been listening. EtceteraTwo includes the most requested "random" features: TVOut with one line of code, piracy detection, local notifications, and movie playback without requiring Unity Pro!

    Is there something that you want to see in the EtceteraTwo Plugin? If so, let us know and if it fits the scope of the plugin we will add it!

  • iCade/iControlPad Plugin $35

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    The iCade and iControlPad are two of the hottest peripherals to hit the market for gamers. Users are hungry for games that take advantage of these devices. Adding iCade/iControlPad support to your game is well worth the effort! Gain extra exposure by getting a link to your game put on the iCade and iControlPad websites!

  • LiveTexture (Camera and Video Texture) $75

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    Looking to display a live camera feed or video texture into Unity without sacrificing performance or memory usage? With one method call you get a Texture2D that you can put on any material in your game! Check out a quick demo here or here or here. You can even record the camera feed directly to a video file while it is being displayed. If it is movie texture support you are after it is now included with the LiveTexture Plugin! Pass in a video file and get a Texture2D ready to apply to any material that will be playing your movie in real time! See the movie texture in action here. Multiple simultaneous video textures are now supported as well (demo)!

  • MediaPlayer (iPod audio support) $35

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    One of the most requested game features from users is to be able to play their own music. Add an asset bundle to your project and you are literally one function call away from giving your users what they want. You can even forego the standard Apple iPod UI and play any playlist directly with your own custom UI to fit your game's style.

  • GameCenter Plugin $75

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    Integrate Game Center with your game in no time! Gain access to Game Center leaderboards and achievements. You can use the Apple provided interface or create a fully customized version to match your game. We give you the tools to make it either way! Now includes achievement and score challenges as well!

  • GameCenter Multiplayer (requires GameCenter Plugin) $25

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    Want to add multiplayer to your game? Using GameCenter and Apple's servers to host your game is by far the quickest way to get up and running. You can create auto matched games using the Apple provided matchmaker or create your own custom UI just for your games. You also gain access to voice chat and advanced matchmaking based on player attributes to cover even the most complicated setups!

  • GameCenter Turn Based Multiplayer (requires GameCenter Plugin) $25

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    iOS 5+ brings with it turn based multiplayer through Game Center and now it's available to Unity developers as well! Turn based multiplayer allows you to create a turn based multiplayer game with up to 8 participants. Players can have as many games open as they choose and you can manage them all with a succinct API!

  • MultiPeer Local Multiplayer Plugin $60

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    Have you ever wanted to add local multiplayer to your game but didn't want to deal with the all the complexity of networking? Now you can add multiplayer support to your game in just a few lines of code. It is really that easy to get multiple devices connected! If you own the Mac MultiPeer Plugin you can connect up to 8 iOS devices and Macs! Note that this plugin requires iOS 7+.

  • Google Play Game Services Plugin $75 Now with turn-based and real-time multiplayer

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    Google Play Game Services is finally here! Leaderboards, achievements, cloud data storage, real-time and turn-based multiplayer all accessed via a Google+ account. This is the next big thing for games. Take your games to the next level. Now with native Google+ share dialog support.

  • AdMob Plugin $50

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    "AdMob made easy" sums this plugin up in 3 words. Full support for all 4 of the available iPhone and iPad banner sizes along with the brand new Smart Banners. Get a super income boost with the brand new interstitial ads as well!

  • Chartboost Plugin $40

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    Cross promote your games for free with the Chartboost plugin. If you plan to succeed in the App Store Chartboost is a must-have tool for your arsenal. Drive downloads with the easiest to use cross promotion toolkit available! When you're done promoting your own titles, click a few buttons on Chartboost.com and start earning revenue by promoting other peoples games!

  • MdotM Plugin $45

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    MdotM is Earth's Biggest Mobile Demand Side Platform. The Mdotm Plugin offers you a quick and easy way to integrate our ads into your mobile app. Create banners, show full screen interstitials and handle app download tracking all via an easy to use plugin.

  • Localytics Plugin $40

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    Understanding your users is critical to long term success. Collecting data directly from your app provides the most accurate and actionable data and usage patterns. Data is available in the Localytics web portal just moments after a your app is used. Learn what works and what doesn't to make your games the best they can possibly be!

  • Flurry with AppSpot Plugin $50

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    Use Flurry to learn the habits of your users! Collect valuable data like which devices they're using, if your game levels have appropriate difficulty and if anyone's bothering to read your tutorial. Sprinkle calls to log events throughout your code and watch the real time statistics roll in! Now with support for Flurry ads you gain a new way to monetize your games. Full ad support including ad banners and interstitials are all here! AppSpot is also included and fully configurable from Flurrys web portal.

IMPORTANT: all Windows Store plugins will work only with Unity 5.1+ and target Windows Phone 8.1 and Windows Desktop 8.1. Each plugin lists if it works with Windows Phone, Windows Desktop or both in the green box next to the plugin name.

Due to Unity's Windows Store and Windows Phone support still being under heavy development and continuously breaking the way they handle plugins our releases will only target specific Unity versions until they solidify how things are going to work. Check the release notes page for up to the minute information about each release.

Combos are handy, multi-platform versions of our most popular plugins. Currently, each combo includes the full iOS and Android versions of the plugin along with a cross-platform wrapper. Write your code once and let the wrapper deal with the differences between iOS and Android.

Since the full iOS and Android versions of the plugins are included if there is something platform-specific that you need to do the power is there for you!

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Note: All plugins work with Unity 5.0+ Personal or Pro. End User License Agreement can be found here.