We have lots of free Unity goodies available on GitHub so be sure to give them a look!

Read the release notes before updating any plugin! Important information may be present.
If you are seeing "P31MonoBridge" errors when doing IL2CPP builds that is a good sign you didn't read the release notes before updating! Mono doesn't exist in IL2CPP builds so you must delete the P31MonoBridge file and make sure all plugins are up to date.
Our new build system will be going live for all plugins. You can opt-in to using the new build system very easily. Simply move any plugin folders from the Editor/PLUGIN_NAME folder to the Editor/Prime31/PLUGIN_NAME folder. See this 7 second video for an example. You can toggle the build system logging via the Tools -> prime[31] menu item (hint: very handy for reporting bugs if you find them!).
Prepare for the future! All updates from this day forward will now put all plugins into the Prime31 namespace. As a result of the change, any files you have that access the plugin code will need to have a "using Prime31;" statement added at the top of the file.